The 3 most common wedding photography questions my couples ask me

The Three Questions My Brides Ask Me Most Often

Last week I posted some things I wish I knew when I was planning my wedding  not related to wedding photography, which may be useful tips that you have not thought about before.

That got me thinking, I know what I would want to know if I was back in the driving seat, but what do my couples actually ask me? 

I took a look back through the emails and text messages my couples sent me before booking their wedding photography with me and I was a little surprised by the results.

I expected to see the the questions you see in every wedding planning website like “What happens if you are ill?”, “How long have you been a wedding photographer?”, and “Do you have insurance?”

But I discovered that while I do get these questions, I get my top 3 were a little different. 

Let’s look at what I was asked most often.

Should we have a second photographer? 

Probably my most common question from brides and grooms. A second photographer can be a brilliant addition to your wedding photography package.  whether you need one or not, depends on 3 factors. 

The first and most important is your budget. Additional photographers typically add a couple of hundred pounds to your package total.

Secondly is your wedding size. weddings with over 100 ‘All Day’ guests absolutely benefit from more photographers so make sure all the action and every guest is captured on camera. 

Finally, there’s the artistic part. A second (or third!) photographer adds more options, angles and compositions for your photos and really can help fill out the story of your wedding day. 

Eilidh and Andrew asked about a second photographer for their wedding

How do I make sure I look great in my photos? 

I probably get asked this question in person more than any other.  Many couples have never had professional photos taken before, never mind been the centre of attention wearing a wedding dress or tailored suit. 

This is where the pre-wedding shoot that I include becomes invaluable. Getting comfortable with me, and being in front of my lens before the big day helps massively with your nerves, making you more relaxed – which is all I need from you when it’s show time. 

For some extra peace of mind, gets as much sleep as you can the week leading up to the wedding (no-one sleeps the night before so get early nights in the week leading up), and build in as much time as you can spare for portraits so we can take our time after the ceremony.

Sammy and Paul were curious about photoshop editing in their wedding photos.

Will you photoshop out my [add your own body hang up]? 

This one probably comes up a fair bit on the wedding day – usually by the Mums or Aunties with a cheeky smile, while they tell me to make sure I remove their double chin. But I get asked out it during pre-wedding shoots and when my couples are looking through my portfolio.

When it comes to retouching your images, I have a straightforward approach. Anything in the photographs that won’t be there by the time the honeymoon is over gets removed – things like spots or temporary blemishes like a scratch. This pretty much just applies to the couple in all the photographs (and maybe some of the bridal party in a few special photographs) – I don’t go through every guest with the same approach. 

With anywhere from 500 and up photographs to edit, it just doesn’t make sense to edit every image to ‘perfection’. However, if you choose wall art, or large prints from me, as well as any images going in your album, those get some extra TLC to make sure they look the best they absolutely can for you to display on your walls at home and enjoy in your wedding album. 

With all that said, I’m experienced in getting the shot right in camera, so if I see something at the time that’s not flattering, I’ll have you make a quick adjustment before I even press the shutter. 

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