What I wish I knew when I was planning my wedding

A just married couple hug each other at midnight

Wedding Planning Ideas

Venue: reserved, Photographer: captured, Florist: arranged, Dress: fitted.

The big things almost seem to take care of themselves when wedding planning, open any wedding website or magazine and you’ll have lists of everything you need to do in preparation for the day you say “I do!”

But what are those little things that always seem so obvious with the benefit of hindsight you wish you’d thought of during the planning stages? Well, let me share some of the things I noticed after my own wedding and from having a front row seat to countless weddings as the photographer.

Bre and Andy wrote their own vows to make the day personal.

Have a designated troubleshooter

If you don’t have a wedding co-ordinator or planner with you on the day, choose a friend to be the point of contact. Ideally, someone calm under pressure or with good problem solving skills. Ultimately, if something doesn’t go quite to plan, they are there to take control and resolve the issue while you carry on and enjoy your special day. You don’t have to announce this to the world, but tell your venue and your photographer/videographer, and if anyone else comes to you on the day with a problem, send them to your point person.

Bring a sewing kit and have someone give the groomsmen a once over before the bride arrives.

I’ve bundles these tips together as the often go hand in hand. First of all, if you’re getting ready away from home, pack a sewing kit (and a “Tide” stain remover) – just a simple one will do. That will cover 99% of wedding day clothing emergencies that I’ve seen happen.

On a related note, Have someone with a keen eye give the groomsmen a once over just before the ceremony. Often the boys will be wearing new suits and can leave the vents stitched up, or a tag hanging – not the end of the world, but also really easy to fix.

Write your own vows

Modern ceremonies can be over in a flash. in just 20-30 minutes You’re officially married and there is a bit of ‘due process’ as part of that which isn’t the most romantic or personal to you both. Writing your own vows makes the ceremony infinitely more special and gives your guests some insight into you as a couple. Beyond that, letting your personalities shine through with some inside jokes or secrets just adds to the joy of the moment, and you’ll see your partners smile grow wider as you recount just why you love them so much.

Make time for each other

The one thing my wife always points out is how fast our day was over. And between getting ready apart, catching up with guests at their tables, and everything else throughout the day, you get very little time that is just the two of you enjoying the moment and taking it in. When wedding planning, think about building in some time between the meals and first dance where you can escape the crowd and soak it all in, or maybe consider a first look, before the ceremony, where you can ease the nerves by spending a little time with each other and creating some beautiful photographs.

Wow your guests

Wedding favours are great, but the can be overlooked as everyone does it. Why not do something a little different? You could set up a “powder room kit” in the ladies room, with perfumes, hairsprays and other items your female guests would appreciate. One thing I see at every wedding is women taking off their shoes come the evening dancing. You could offer ballet pumps or flip-flops for guests that are ready to party after looking glam throughout the day – Try rescue flats or Etsy for pampered feet. There are even options for renting umbrellas, wraps and blankets if your having a winter wedding.

Don’t make the Honeymoon an afterthought.

Last one, and the most important in my mind. We were very lucky that our parents paid for our honeymoon as out wedding gift – but only on the condition it was something we would not normally do or could afford. We chose a split honeymoon, with a week in California and a week in Hawaii. That holiday is still unmatched in all the years we’ve been together since. For us, it was the holiday of a lifetime and something that really put our wedding up there and a truly incredible one-off experience. If your budget allows, or if you can only splurge on one of the other, I’d recommend going all in on your honeymoon every time.

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