Dancer Photoshoot

Capture the Movement

Why choose Chronicle Photography for your dance photoshoot?

Ready to capture the movement and showcase your passion for dance? I offer one-on-one dance photoshoots designed to be as fun and creative as your routines! We will go beyond the typical studio setting, working with you to craft artistic images that tell your unique dance story. Let’s collaborate to create stunning visuals that celebrate your dedication and talent.

  • Clear and up front pricing
  • Dedicated studio setting with creative tools and sets to enhance your experience
  • Blend creative and artistic photos with model-like portraits
  • Showcase your talent at home with beautiful artwork celebrating your skill
  • Easy to use, private and secure online gallery
  • Instant download to your devices
  • No pre-purchase or commitment to purchase
  • Fill your social media with incredible dance images

What does it cost?

A one hour photoshoot session is £55 

If you choose to buy any photographs, the session fee is deducted from your total. 

The full gallery of images is £295, or you can select just a few favourites, or supplement your digital choices with wall art, prints and more. 

Most clients spend around £300-£600

How does it work?

I aim to make your photoshoot as hassle-free as possible.

The whole process looks a little like this:


On the day of your shoot, you’ll be at my studio for around an hour. There are changing facilities so you can bring multiple outfits if you choose. Free parking is available.

::: BOOKING :::

Using the form below, after your date is chose you will be asked to choose either just the session (£55 or the session and full gallery £295). Paying for the full gallery up front does earn you a discount and you will not be disappointed paying in advance, however this is an optional choice. 


At the shoot, I’ll have 2-3 setups ready for you, with at least 1 being a creative space where you can use props to enhance the photos such as ribbons, pom-poms and lights. I’ll give you as much or as little guidance as you need during the session.


Post shoot, images will be edited and added to a secure, private gallery. You will be emailed once images are ready and can choose to buy any or all of the images you would like from the comfort of home. There is no hard sell.


Images are delivered digitally instantly and prints/wall art will arrive within 4 weeks.

Backdrop Options

Most dancers choose white and black as the backdrop colours, but many more are available to suit your theme or taste.

A new addition for 2024 is smoke, lights and Lasers as options to create unique, and eye-catching photographs. 


Are there hidden costs? 

Absolutely not. beyond the session fee (£55), there is no commitment to purchase anything. All pricing is clear and simple in the gallery of finished images.

Do you use the photographs for anything else?

I only use the photographs for 3 things. Sharing with the you, showcasing my work on my website and social channels, and marketing and promotion. You can opt out of having your images feature in promotion at the booking stage.

I do not sell the images to anyone other that the you, or share them for stock photography.

What restrictions do you place on the our use of the images?

The only restriction I place is on selling the images. For privacy and commercial reasons, you cannot profit directly from the photographs, but you are welcome to use them on your website, social media, etc. without limit. 

When can I expect the images?

I aim to have the gallery ready for you within a week of the shoot, but often deliver it quicker.

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