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A player is about to kick a football during his sports team photography

Why choose Chronicle Photography for your sports photography?

Sports Team Photography brings a host of benefits to your Club, Team and players. While you can have creative photos taken all year round, many will choose to bring me in at special moments in your year; either in the lead up to a new season, in advance of a tournament or to celebrate winning a trophy.

If you’ve always wanted to have great looking, creative photos of your players, here are a list of reasons that both past teams and parents have loved having me shoot their portraits.

  • No cost to the team
  • Use of every photo for marketing
  • Coaches Headshots
  • Free match photography
  • No administrative burden – It’s all handled by me
  • Creative portraits of every player in a variety of poses
  • Private, secure galleries
  • Instant download to parents devices
  • No pre-purchase or commitment to purchase
  • Use your training pitch for photos, or come to my studio

What does it cost?

With Chronicle’s sports team photography there is no cost to the team.

You can also choose to have a match photographed for free by me and have access to all of these images too.

Cost to parents (2024 Pricing)

Single digital image/download – £12.00

Single 9×6″ print in a mount – £10.00

Combo Package: 2 digital images and a 9×6″ print – £30

Multiple digital images/downloads

2 images – £22.00

3 Images – £30.00

4 images – £36.00

5 images – £40.00

6 or more – £42.00

Multiple 9×6″ prints in mounts

2 prints- £19.00

3 prints- £27.00

4 prints- £34.00

5 prints- £40.00

Each additional beyond 5 – £5.00

Options for larger prints and products are available to parents but these are the most popular choices.


A player stands with one foot on top of a football during her sports team photography

How does it work?

I aim to make photographing your players as hassle-free as possible.

The whole process looks a little like this:


Once we find a date that works for your team, we will decide on the location – normally I’ll come to you and do the shoots in your training location. This makes it easier for parents who don’t have to come to a new place and keeps the players relaxed as they’re in familiar surroundings. If there’s no space or option to use your training pitch, I’ll arrange another location or you can come into my studio.

::: BOOKING :::

Parents will book a slot for their child(ren) using my automated booking system. They simply choose a time and add their details. Every parent will get communication and reminders of the shoot date via email so you do not need to get involved. No deposit or up-front payments.


At the shoot, I’ll have 2-3 setups ready for each player, with at least 1 being a creative space where they can use props to enhance their photos. Every player will be given as much guidance is needed in their slot.


Post shoot, images will be edited and added to a secure, private gallery, with a dedicated section per player. Parents will be emailed once images are ready and can choose to buy any or all of the images they would like from home. There is no hard sell.


Images are delivered digitally instantly and prints will arrive within 2 weeks.

The team has access to the full gallery and can use the images for marketing, social media, posters or any other promotion.

Backdrop Options

Most studios choose white and black as the backdrop colours for their sports team photography, but many more are available to suit your theme or taste. 

In addition to the coloured backdrops, you may have decorated walls or braded spaces in your studio you’d like to use as part of the shoot – all options can be explored depending on your needs.  

A FIFA video game style player card displays young footballers statistics as part of his sports team photography


Do all players have to take part?

No, It’s entirely voluntary and the parents choose to sign up for a slot.

Are there hidden costs? 

Absolutely not. There is zero cost to the team and parents only buy what they choose to. All parent pricing is clear and simple in the gallery of finished images.

Do you use the photographs for anything else?

I only use the photographs for 3 things. Sharing with the team, Selling to parents, Promotion to other team/my website. Parents can opt out of having their children feature in promotion at the booking stage.

I do not sell the images to anyone other that the parents of that child, or share them for stock photography.

What restrictions do you place on the our use of the images?

The only restriction I place is on selling the images. For privacy and commercial reasons, you cannot profit directly from the photographs, but you are welcome to use them on your website, advertising, social media, etc. without limit. The only other limitation would be if the parent has requested the child not be included in any marketing.

When can we expect the images?

I aim to have the gallery ready for parents within a week of the shoot. As the team, you will be given access to download the whole gallery within moments of the gallery being live.

I only ask that you do not share any images publicly until the bulk of sales have been completed (usually within a few days to a week).

Normally I will advise you of’ images that have been purchased and are therefore clear to share in the first few days.

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