Matt & Brian’s Engagement Shoot at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow.

Matt & Brian had their Engagement shoot in February amidst several consecutive storms that seemed to be never-ending throughout the start of 2020. After a little discussion, we settled on the Botanic Gardens to give us a fallback to an indoor location if the weather wasn’t on our side during the shoot. 

Thankfully, we did get a little time outside, albeit in finger-numbing cold with the sky perpetually threatening to open up on us. 

The boys are getting married in Malta, in what will be an intimate elopement with their closest family and friends in attendance, so this is an ideal chance to get some time together with the spotlight on them and get comfortable in front of a camera which can be a real challenge for some introverted couples.

Matt & Brian however, are not introverted. They love making each other laugh and have a symbiotic relationship of winding up each other in every situation. 

If you’re one of those couples that do feel uncomfortable with a camera on you, I highly recommend an engagement or practice shoot with your photographer.  I know that this is something I always ask my couples and I’ll tailor my photography to get the most out of any occasion whether you’re an introvert or extrovert.

If you’re still in the hunt for your wedding photographer, you can book a free engagement shoot to  get a taster of what I offer. Simply use the booking link at the bottom of this post, under the images or get in touch via my contact form.