Amazing Wedding Portrait Photography

How To Get The Best Wedding Portrait Photography

Newlyweds pose for their Wedding Portrait Photography

There’s no better time on your wedding day to create something that really shows your personality than when you sneak off for some one on one time. And getting great wedding photography portraits will be something you will not regret taking a little time to do when you look back through your album.

From the first time you reach out to your photographer right up until they press their shutter for the last time on your wedding day, they are building up a profile of you both. Learning who you are as a couple and as individuals. I love to get to know my couples so I can deliver the best possible service to you throughout your whole experience with me. That doesn’t start and end with the photographs I take and deliver. It covers every aspect of your interactions with me. I want my couples to feel supported, understood and relaxed.

The end goal is always to create wedding portrait photography that makes you smile, giggle and cry when you see the results – sometimes all at once.

I mentioned above that photographers start building a profile about you from the first contact. Every question they ask and detail you give helps them get to know you better so that they can curate photo ideas that will fit with your personality as a couple. Not every situation or pose works for everyone so the more they understand you both the better your images will look in your album or on your walls.

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Making The Most Of Your Environment

Sometimes the venue you’ve chosen has a feature that demands to have your wedding photography portraits taken with it, but even when there’s no show-stopping water feature or decorative flower arch you can still have great photography.

Got an idea? Talk to your photographer. There’s no doubt you’ve seen some photographs that you really liked. Maybe you’ve seen something on the website at your venue that jumped off the page or you’ve been collating a Pinterest board full of ideas.

Whatever it is, the best thing to do is to share that idea with your photographer and they can discuss how to make that work for you or maybe put your twist on it. Not every image will always be possible to recreate, but you will always find something you love.

Bride and Groom pose on a staircase for their wedding portrait photography

Preparation Pays Off

Whether we’ve shot at your venue 50 times or never at all, it doesn’t matter. we’ll always scout the location in advance.

That usually means some time with Google Earth or Streetview and some time on the venue website. And when time permits, the photographer always try to sneak an in person look around on the day. Then in the days before your wedding we’ll have a chat to finalise timing where I’ll have a quick run through of any ideas I have based on weather forecasts, sunsets and what we know about the venue.

Make It Personal

love it when my couples want something offbeat or quirky in their albums. Do you have a thing for Converse high tops? Maybe you’ve gotten secret tattoos to show each other on your wedding day? Whatever it is – tell your photographer so we can do something cool to celebrate it!

Take Time For You

Your newlywed portrait time is likely one of the few times you’ll get some quiet moments together. Make sure you take a minute to reflect on your day and enjoy some time just with each other.

How Long Will It Take?

This depends on your photographer and what you need from your wedding portrait photography. I like to keep portrait sessions short at weddings. 15-20 minutes at a time is usually more than enough time to try several backdrops and get a variety of shots. It also means I’m never taking you away from your guests and the party for too long. Depending on the time of year and what the sunlight is doing, I would aim to take you away 2 – 3 times for some dedicated time with you both. But other photographers may prefer a dedicated 45 minutes to an hour with you and focus on candid images the rest of the time. Make sure your photographer knows what you want. 


This depends on what you want from your wedding portrait photography and your photographers style. You may want very a very ‘hands off’ approach where the photos are mostly documentary style or you might be looking for something very glamourous like you might see in OK! magazine. Make sure you discuss this with your photographer when you meet so you don’t end up disappointed on the day with a photographer who shoots differently to what you expect. You can even use to get an idea of what style you like if you aren’t sure. 

For me, aside from any special requests you’ve made, my style is pose you as little as possible. I prefer to guide you with a little direction, where needed. I always find that if I can put you in situations that feel comfortable to you, like walking together that you’ll automatically smile and be natural together resulting in lovely moments.

After Dark.

A typical wedding day ends for many photographers after the first few dances, so if you are looking for twilight portraits you may have to book additional time with your photographer. Some photographers packages includes staying until at least 10pm (but I’ll stay until the the band packs up if you’ll have me) so there’s almost always an opportunity to grab a final portrait under the stars.

If the conditions are right – which does include rain – we may ask if you want to take 10 minutes out from tearing up the dance-floor to come outside to try something cool.

This often turns out to be your favourite shot from the whole day and the image you want on your wall at home so it’s totally worth it if you can spare the few minutes it will take. 

Candid Moments

Even when you don’t think we’re taking photos, we’re taking photos. There’s always a look, a smile, or a whisper that happens in those in-between times when you’re moving to the next spot. I’ve lost count of the times my couples see their gallery and comment that they didn’t know I’d taken a shot but they love the result even though they weren’t ready or posing.

First Looks

A first look isn’t something that is for every couple since it breaks tradition, but its guaranteed to produce incredible moments that you’ll treasure forever.

To do a first look you’ll need a little more time in you schedule for you both to meet before the ceremony and see each other for the first time (with help from the photographer and an assistant to keep you apart until the reveal). When we have you in place, we’ll keep our distance with a long lens and give you a cue to turn around and then just let your reactions take centre stage as you share a unique experience that produces one of a kind wedding photography portraits.

It’s something very different from the norm, but 100% worth it.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s perfectly natural to be nervous of feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. That’s why some photographers include an engagement shoot with wedding packages. It’s a brilliant opportunity to ease yourself into having your portrait taken, get comfortable with the photographer giving you a little direction and for us to get to know you a little better.

Even if you opt to skip the engagement shoot or can’t make it work, you can be assured that we’ll make it super easy for you on the day and we’ll all have fun while getting beautiful photographs for you.

Do you have a vision in your mind of how your wedding photography portraits will look?

Why not reach out and I can explain how I would bring your vision to life.

 Drop me a message at (or click here), I’d love to hear more about your plans!