Saisha and David’s Engagement photo shoot at the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

When a couple travels 300 miles for a photo shoot with you, it adds a little pressure. But pressure is fun and keeps you on your toes. 

Saisha and David are getting married in East Kilbride but live in Birmingham. Today’s engagement session is a great opportunity for the three of us to get comfortable with each other before the big day in April. Whether it’s a true engagement session or just a practice shoot I highly recommend getting something in the diary with your photographer before the wedding for so many reasons, but mostly just to get to know each other and get a little bit of practice in for the really important photos that you’ll be adding to a gorgeous album or wall art. 

Despite the weather being horrible either side of the photo shoot, on the day, we got really lucky with blue skies and no rain. We’d plumped for the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow as their was an option for cover inside the glasshouses if it was needed. In the end we spend most of the time outside and even managed to venture down Byers Road and Great Western Road to add a little urban variety to the shoot. 

If you’re still in the hunt for your wedding photographer, you can book a free engagement shoot to  get a taster of what I offer. Simply use the booking link at the bottom of this post, under the images.