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One of the most fun parts of the day can be while you are getting ready.  Having close friends and family around to share in the excitement with you as you have your hair done or try to figure out the correct way to tie the laces on your kilt brogues (Hint: the knot goes to the outside of the leg!) really creates a great vibe and there will be lots of smiles, laughter and probably a few happy tears as the reality sets in of what is to come.

If you would like to have the photographer capture some of the preparation stage of your wedding day, then there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best possible photographs from the morning build up.

First of all, consider any key moments that you want to make sure are captured. You should make sure the photographer is aware of these beforehand be emailing them or adding them to your shot list form, if the photographer offers you one to fill out. While every wedding is different, these are some traditional shots that are typical for this part of the day:

Parents seeing you in your dress for the first time.

Best man assisting with your tie/cufflinks.

The dress hanging up.

Shoes, rings or other jewellery that you’ll be wearing.

The hair/Make-up artist ‘finishing’ your look.

Some of these may appeal to you and some may not. There’s no ‘must have’ that will apply to everyone, so think about what may be important to you or even Google ‘Bridal Preparation Photography’ for some inspiration.

There are also some less obvious things to consider. Doing all or some of these things will make your photographs look better and help the morning run smoothly too.

Location, location, location. You may be getting ready at your childhood home, in a hotel, or at home. You might even book a suite or an AirBnB near the ceremony location just for the morning.  Wherever it happens to be that the preparation is taking place, try and have a space that can be used for photographs – somewhere near a window is usually a good spot – Photographers love light. By doing this you can have one area tidy and clean that will look great in your images. The photographer can use this space for detail capture, like your rings or for some portraits when you are ready, just before you leave.

Watch the clock. There always seems to be a feeling that you should slip into your dress or suit at the last minute before departing for the ceremony, but consider planning to be ready 30-60 minutes in advance. I know it might sound crazy but here’s why: You’re building a buffer in-case things run a little late; You’re also giving yourself time for some portraits with your parents, bridesmaids or groomsmen; you’ll also be much more relaxed knowing that if things do take a little longer here and there that you have that safety net to still arrive on time; The photographer will need to leave 15-20 minutes before you do, so make sure they don’t leave before your actually ready! If your photographer is like me, they’ll want to arrive early, to get to know everyone, find good light and to give them time to get everything below in too!

The Dress.  Some people love the shot of the dress on a pretty hanger, some hate it. Whether you want that photograph or not, it’s worthwhile to have your dress on a hanger so at the very least, the photographer can position it in the background to give the images context.

Details.  Similarly to the photographs of the dress on its own, you may want a few shots of the smaller items that will all play a part in the day. Your shoes, the rings, special jewellery, flowers, perfume, stationary or a personalised hip flask. A great idea is to have these items gathered in one spot waiting for your photographer when they arrive to get those first before you need them later to get ready.

Co-ordinate! If you have your bride tribe with you as you get ready, why not have everyone in matching dressing gowns or PJs? This again helps give a little context to the photos and acts as an extra little keepsake and thank you to your bridesmaids.

Hair and Make-up. Treat yourself and have a professional take the stress away of the critical parts of getting ready. These also make for some nice moments to help tell the story of the day as they put the finishing touches on, like adding your veil.

Kids. If you’ll have little ones around it’s always a good idea to dress them as late as possible. The morning is a busy time and they may get bored with the lack of attention coming their way so you might find yourself resorting to a lollipop or something sticky to keep them happy – never a good mix when they are dressed up! If possible, have someone there who can focus on the children and occupy them to keep the preparation as chill as possible. Once they are ready, it’s a perfect opportunity to get a few photographs of them looking super cute!

Surprise! Gifts are another thing you may want to hand out early in the day.  If you’ve decided on keepsakes or something a little more extravagant for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, hold of handing them out until the photographer arrives as this is a wonderful moment guaranteed to be filled with natural smiles and emotion. And Grooms – don’t forget to have something waiting or delivered for your partner too as a special treat.

Reveal. Before you do disappear to finally get into your dress, make sure the photographer knows you’re about to go so they can be in position to get the reaction of everyone as they see you for the first time looking perfect. This is a moment that stirs a lot of emotion and is wonderful to look back over and relive that excitement of your next big adventure just beginning.

Priorities. If you have two photographers (or more!) then you should be covered. But if you only have one, you’ll need to decide how they should spend their time. Assuming that both partners are close enough, there’s no reason why one photographer can’t cover both of you getting ready. All it takes is a little forward planning.

One option is for the photographer to be with the Groom first and then come to the Bride’s location. Or the photographer can meet up with the Groom at the ceremony location and recreate some of the moments like adjusting cufflinks and a few portraits with his Groomsmen. For same sex weddings, it’s entirely possible to cover most of the preparations for both with a little creativity – such as having most of the ‘details’ at the first location and the photographer bringing what’s needed at the second location when they go there.

Final touches. Having a card or short letter written to each other to read while you get ready can be a beautiful moment. You might choose to each have a wee dram of his favourite whisky to toast each other from afar just before you leave. The Groom may even want to nip into his local for a drink en route to the venue. Whatever it might be, make sure your photographer is there to eternalise that moment forever.  


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