5 Simple Tips For your Next Portrait Session

5 Simple Tips To Prepare For A Portrait Photo Shoot

1. Get a restful sleep the night before. 

I actually recommend doing this for a few days before hand to get you into a mini routine so your body knows that it’s bedtime and you don’t lie in bed wide awake because you normally stay up to midnight watching Netflix.

2. Empty tummys don’t make happy faces.

Make sure that you’ve at least had a healthy snack just before your shoot. If you have kids maybe even bring a mess-free snacks for during the session.

3. Bring a change of clothes.

It doesn’t have to be a full outfit change. It could be a different top or simply some accessories to add like a scarf. It helps add variety to your shoot.

Bonus tip: If you have younger kids, maybe don’t put that nice shirt on them until right before you start since they have an amazing ability to get a stain on their clothes at the worst possible moments.

4. You don’t always have to be looking at the camera.

Some of the most natural images from your session will come from just interacting with each other. Saying something sweet to each other or the kids doing something silly. Try and forget the photographer is there and just be in the moment.

Bonus tip: If you are looking for a formal shot, with everyone looking at the lens and you have young kids, don’t worry about them. Photographers have loads of ways of getting children’s attention and as long as you are looking to the camera, when your toddler does give them their attention, even for a second, they will get the shot.

5. Strike a pose.

Almost no-one is entirely comfortable with a camera pointed at them. But there are a few things you can do that will help make you look great even if you don’t feel confident:

  • Turn your body to a slight angle, up to about 45 degrees from the camera.
  • Hands on your hip or in a pocket to create separation from your waist.
  • Chin out and slightly up. This helps the light catch your face better.
  • Bring your shoulders back. Good posture creates a look of confidence and helps you look slimmer.

Get Even More Tips!

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It builds on the tips on this page to give you a one stop shop for every detail and aspect of your photography session, which if followed will add that little something extra in your images making your family and friends wow at your artwork.