Hi, I’m Darren. I’m a photographer from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. I like to think of myself as a life photographer. 

I called my company Chronicle Photography beacuse chronicle means ‘a factual account of events in order of occurance’ and that’s exactly what I do. 

I’m not just a Wedding Photographer. Or a Family Photographer. Or a Party Photographer. I’m all of those things. My aim as Chronicle Photography is to be there for all of the major events of your life. After all, a photographer is a very personal choice. They should match your style and personality, and when you find that ideal match, why not have them be the official record keeper for your families most precious memories?  

When we work together, I bring a positive mood with me. You’ll never see me with my camera without a smile on my face. It’s what makes me happy and we all know a smile is infectious – handy when your taking pictures! During portrait shoots I like to keep things relaxed and have some fun too. It’s always entertaining to take some wacky pictures along side the choreographed ones. At Weddngs and Events I like to blend into the crowd and look for natural moments as they happen. Whatever the reason you hire me for, I aspire to create something that encapsulates that moment in time for you. So that you can relive with the same emotions every time you view it.  I want to capture your story.

Why not get in touch and I can find out more about you and explain how I can bring your memories to life.  

Why Me?

When I meet with clients, I preach that it’s important we match personalities and style. After all, you’re investing insomething that you want to display on your walls at home, share on Facebook and with your children in years to come. You want those memories to reflect your personality and that comes from finding the right photographer. 

A little background

So, let me tell you a little bit about me to help you get to know what I’m like…

I’m 36. Married to my amazing wife, Kirsty and we have a beautiful daughter Karina, who is 8. We have a fluffy white dog called Ted. My base is in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, but I’m available throughout the UK and beyond, most often working in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. 

I became a professional photographer by accident. I have always loved taking pictures, but it was always personal projects until one day my friend asked me to do some staff photography for the company he worked for and as a result that gave me a spark to marry my passion to my work. 

My wife says my hobby is collecting hobbies. I do have a quite a few! Riding my road bike for exercise and to clear my head. Refusing to grow up by playing soldiers in the woods at my local airsoft sites. Reading comic books. I love American Football. I play video games. And sometimes, I take pictures.

My approach

My photography style is to keep it light, relaxed and natural. Whether I’m photographing a wedding in a church, a family portrait at the park or your kids 21st birthday party I aim to get the shots correct in camera. This lets me keep the editing to a minimum meaning you get you get your photographs earlier and retains the natural look which I much prefer to the airburshed magazine style. I do some retouching – blemishes or stray hairs as well colour correction but my aim is always to have my images represent you at your best. 

If you think you you’d like to work with me, use the button below to send me an email and I’ll give you a call back to find out about you.