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Big events are always great fun. Every one in their fancy outfits, Dancing into the morning. Time with friends. But the event always seems to go past so quickly.  Sure, you have a few dozen selfies and those group shots that the stranger at the table beside you took, but none of them really tell the story of what went on. The laughing and the fun.

Balls, Parties, Charity Events, Ceilidhs, Proms – They all deserve to remembered, just like a wedding. And they can be!

By having Chronicle Photography at your event, I can make sure that all the major moments are recorded regardless of the conditions, like a Christening in a dark church or Awards being given out under harsh spotlights. Best of all, everyone gets easy access to the best moments of the event in a secure online gallery and professional editing.

Event Photography From Only


For The First Hour

Included with all event types:

1 Photographer

Unlimited photographs

Lighting and backdrops for perfect pictures

Professional editing of your images

A secure, private online gallery with social media sharing and downloading.

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